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Islensku myndlistarverdlaunin 2023 merki

The Icelandic Art Prize awards ceremony will take place in March 2023 for the seventh time in Reykjavík. The Icelandic Arts Council has an open call for nomination in two categories: the Visual Art Prize and the Motivational Award.

To nominate for the The Icelandic Art Prize click here. Deadline is Monday January 9, 23:59.

The Visual Art Prize is awarded to an Icelandic artist, or an artists that resides in Iceland, and is considered to have excelled with new works and an exhibition in Iceland in the past year, 2022. The award is a cash prize of 1 million Icelandic króna.

The Motivational Award, 500.000 ISK cash prize, is awarded to a visual artists that recently has emerged and sparked interest with their practice.

The Icelandic Art Prize was inited by the Icelandic Visual Arts Council and are awarded in their name. The goal of the awards is to honour Icelandic visual artist or artists with permanent residence in Iceland, encourage innovative creation and promote Icelandic art, both domestically and internationally.

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Islensku myndlistarverdlaunin 2023
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