Exhibitions in Hong Kong, Berlin, Brussels, Rivoli, Denmark

Exhibitions in Hong Kong, Berlin, Brussels, Rivoli and Copenhagen-BaldurHelgason

Currently a few Icelandic artists are presented in exhibitions around the world

Brussels – Hreinn Friðfinnsson

Hreinn Friðfinnsson just opened an exhibition in Meessen De Clercq in Belgium, Brussels. The exhibition is called About the Day and the Ray and will be open until the 14th of January next year. Known for his lyrical and poetic use of everyday objects, the exhibition continues his investigation into our understanding of time and the world around us, as always,underscored by a delicate sense of humour.


Copenhagen – Harpa Árnadóttir

In Copenhagen the exhibition Surface of memory is on display in the North Atlantic House. This is Harpa Árnadóttir´s first solo exhibition in Denmark. The Exhibition is curated by H.K.Rannversson and presents a selection of paintings and drawings by the Icelandic artist Árnadóttir, from the last ten years of the artist’s career. Árnadóttir’s works on canvas and paper are experimental studies into surface and transparency. The exhibition has been on since the 24th of September and will continue until the 29th of January 2023.


Rivoli – Ólafur Elíasson

Ólafur Elíasson opened Trembling Horizons earlier this month in the museum Castello di Rivoli in Italy. The show will be on until the 26th of March next year. Curated by Marcella Beccaria the exhibition transforms the Manica Lunga wing of Castello di Rivoli by installing a new series of six immersive wedge-shaped optical device-like artworks in the long gallery. Inside each, the viewer can watch complex patterns unfold in fluid motion within a 360-degree panoramic space that seems more expansive than physically possible – optical illusions created through mirrors and light projections.


Hong Kong – Baldur Helgason

Recently, in Hong Kong WOAW Gallery presented ANTICS, a solo presentation by artist Baldur Helgason, at its location at Queen’s Road Central between 9 November and 9 December 2022. The works exhibited in WOAW are inspired by Helgason’s time in the midst of the pandemic. After a period of isolation, Helgason was possessed by a hedonistic impulse to “let loose, meet up, get drunk and party,” and to channel his inner Dionysus—the Greek god of harvest, festivity, and pleasure.


Berlin – Sigurður Guðjónsson

In Berlin the exhibition Luondu Luonddus – As Part of Nature, We Are Nature presents a work by the artist Sigurður Guðjónsson, Enigma from 2019, is presented. The exhibition is centered around the intimate yet existentially fraught relationship between human beings and nature. In the work Enigma Guðjónsson experimentation in material environments, is the starting point, accessed through the most advanced scientific imaging instruments.

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