Katie Paterson: Incense Ceremony at the Living Art Museum

Katie Paterson: Incense Ceremony at the Living Art Museum

In connection with the World Weather Network an incense ceremony instigated by Scottish artist Katie Paterson will take place in The Living Art Museum this Saturday September 3 at 15:00.

The incense ceremony To Burn, Forest, Fire consists of the scent of the first forest on our planet 385 million years ago and the scent of the last forest during our climate crisis. These scents were transformed into incense and burned at several different venues in Helsinki in September 2021.

Now the incense ceremony will take place across the world, which the World Weather Network participants will organise in dialogue with IHME Helsinki which nominated Katie Paterson as their creative representative in the network.


The event is organized by The Icelandic Art Center in collaboration with The Living Art Museum.

To learn more about the ceremony, visit Katie Paterson’s website:



In total 27 arts organisations across the world make up the World Weather Network, a ground-breaking constellation of ‘weather stations’ located across the world in oceans, deserts, mountains, farmland, rainforests, observatories, lighthouses and cities.

From June 21 2022 to June 21 2023, artists, writers and communities will share observations, stories, reflections and images about their local weather, creating an archipelago of voices and viewpoints. Engaging climate scientists and environmentalists, the World Weather Network brings together diverse world views and different ways of understanding the weather across multiple localities and languages.

Einar Falur Ingólfsson is working in Iceland’s weather station as artist in residence in Library of Water in Stykkishólmur and has among other projects been recording a yearlong visual weather-diary Einar Falur publishes the diary every week on Instagram, @DailyWeatherReports.

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