New Mailing List: Funding & Residencies

New mailing list

One of the Icelandic Art Center’s tasks is to facilite information about local fundraising options and other opportunities for the Icelandic visual art field.

To do that the Center has launched a new specialized mailing list that will focus on disseminating information to artists and professionals in the sector.

The aim is to send out notifications approx. 6-8 times a year, both in Icelandic and English. Furthermore, the Center will continue to send out a monthly newsletter in English.

Examples of notifications:

  • application deadlines for the Icelandic Visual Art fund
  • application deadlines for Icelandic Art Center travel grants
  • application deadline residencies with a grant
  • open calls for exhibition proposals from professional exhibition venues
  • open calls for participants in international projects
  • information on local and international art competitions
  • job advertisements in the sector
  • advertisements for scholarships related to the subject
  • open calls for nominations for grants and awards

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