Íris Ásmundar, Nicolas Ipina

LG // Litla Gallerý - Á meðal - Íris Ásmundar & Nicolas Ipina

Artwork, in the form of photographs, unfolds through the creative flow and passion of two artists that strive to awaken the same feelings within the spectator.

The artists firmly believe that people who immerse themselves in what they love, whether it's dance or any other passion, are tapping into a deep space within themselves – that sometimes might be hard to define fully – but every individual inhabits in a unique way.

The aim of the exhibition is to capture a moment of flow, which is driven by feelings and the artists’ mutual concepts. These moments are presented to the spectator in the form of visual scenarios, that can not fully be defined, but have a mutual intersection which is this place within us relating to one’s passion.

The artists focus on the body and movement, while staying away from the idea of the body itself. Through the exhibition they rather place the emphasis on the connection that is generated through the body with the heart.

This exhibition is a collaboration between the dance artist, Íris Ásmundar, and the photographer and graphic designer Nicolas Ipiña.

Íris graduated from Rambert School in London and holds a master’s degree in performance and professional practices from University of Salford, and Nicolas holds a BA in graphic design from the University of Buenos Aires.

Special thanks to Marieke Jensen, Auður Bergsteinsdóttir and Harpa Concert Hall

Exhibition opening will be on Thursday, June 6th, 17:00-20:00 and all are welcome!

Other opening hours:

Friday June 7th 15:00-21:00

Saturday June 8th 12:00-17:00

Sunday June 9th 14:00-18:00

Tuesday-Thursday June 11th-13th 15:00-17:00

Friday June 14th 14:00-18:00

Saturday June 15th 12:00-17:00

Sunday June 16th 14:00-17:00

Monday June 17th 12:00-15:00 / 19:00-21:00

The event is sponsored by the Culture and Tourism Committee of Hafnarfjörður

Artists: Íris Ásmundar, Nicolas Ipina

Curator: Elvar Gunnarsson


06.06.2024 – 17.06.2024


LG // Litla Gallerý

Strandgata 19, 220 Hafnarfjörður, Iceland


Capital AreaExhibition

Opening hours:

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