Artist Talk: Anna Hrund Másdóttir at 20:00

Anna Hrund Másdóttir

A warm welcome to an artists' talk with Anna Hrund Másdóttir, this Thursday, March 28, at 20:00. Anna Hrund guides visitors through her current exhibition desire paths, which opened earlier this month. The conversation takes place either in Icelandic or English and takes into account those who attend. Admission is free.

Anna Hrund Másdóttir studied art at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, Mountain School of Art and completed her MFA program from the California Institute of the Arts in the spring of 2016. Anna has been actively involved in the art scene in Iceland, participated in various projects and exhibited in different venues, such as Reykjavík Art Museum, Gerðarsafn, Harbinger and Gallery Port. In addition to working as an artist, she is a member of Kling & Bang.

In the exhibition desire paths daydreaming becomes material: "Just as the daydreams become a tool to enter an ideation process, I try to let go and let the process itself lead the way. I may be working on a piece, creating something, then I turn my attention to something else, lose track of time, and the process takes a new turn. Something is created in the process without my intention to do so. Surprising connections can also emerge in the process. I'm in the flow of creation, then a color catches my eye and the piece itself leads me forward, reminding me of specific moments, the tree with yellow blossoms I used to climb in my grandparents' garden. My favorite tree. Suddenly, the process has brought something out in me and I want to continue working in that spirit, to recreate emotions through materials. In this way, many of my works are connected to memories, places or situations I have with myself. I don't intentionally try to retrieve and recreate these moments, it just kind of happens: the process itself takes control." — Anna Hrund, from the exhibition journal.

Artist: Anna Hrund Másdóttir




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