Earth Layers

Antonía Berg, Íris María Leifsdóttir, Sarah Finkle

Jarðlög-SÍM-Antonia-Berg- Sarah Finkle- Iris-Maria

Earth Layers seeks to capture the essence of transformation, through action, over time, from body to nature to phenomenon. In this collaborative exhibition Jarðlög or Earth Layers, artist Antonía Berg, Íris María Leifsdóttir, and Sarah Finkle showcase the effects of found raw materials such as bog iron and Berunesclay from the Eastfjords and glacial clay from Svínafellsjökull. They paint with these raw materials on textile and ceramic as a way to engage with time as a critical element of the work.

They invite the audience into the action of the art-making process. This acts to highlight the process as a crucial element to fully seeing, understanding, and feeling the resulting phenomenons. The artworks activate both the material and the body of the artists used to transform and transfer materials from one medium to another. The process of letting time and glacial materials transfer these mediums into anew lets these objects continue to live in different time scales, and highlights the ongoing evolving nature of the works.

Antonía Berg (b. 1995) is a ceramicist whose passion is for the process and exploration of raw materials, particularly those found in her immediate surroundings. Her work reflects a profound respect for the environment and a commitment to finding sustainable practices in the artistic process.

Íris María Leifsdóttir (1993) is a painter from Iceland. The weather and the effect of time are key elements in her creative process and she allows the forces of nature to shape her artwork. She did her master's degree in Fine Arts at The Iceland University of The Arts, a two year diploma in painting at The Reykjavík School of Visual Arts, and a Bacherlor’s Degree in sociology at the University of Iceland.

Sarah Finkle is a Reykjavík based fiber installation artist by way of New York. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art at Skidmore College, with a concentration in textiles and sculpture, and her master's Degree in Fine Arts at Listaháskóli Íslands. Her work is a continuous search of space, of material, of the body. How our bodies feel, react, and engage with space and the ongoing challenge to make these feelings tangible.

Artists: Antonía Berg, Íris María Leifsdóttir, Sarah Finkle


04.02.2024 – 18.02.2024


SÍM Gallery

Hafnarstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


City CenterExhibition

Opening hours:

Mon – sun: 12:00 – 16:00

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