Heritage of the Past - Future of the Community

Samsýning / Group Exhibition

Heritage of the past - future of the community

The exhibition Heritage of the Past - Future of the Community is an ode to an abandoned mansion in Foeni, Romania. The Mocioni Mansion was build in 1750 by an aristocratic family. The Mocionis are most known for fighting for the rights of romanian people and for uplifting romanian culture. Since it was built the house has played many different roles including a public bath, a kindergarten, a cultural center and a discotheque to name a few. The mansion bares the marks of the different lifetimes it has seen, telling the stories of the community surrounding it, it is filled with history. It’s connection to the community acts as a red thread through the history of the house, which in all its different forms reflects both the good and the bad in the history of said community.

The exhibition is part of a project that aims to rebuild, refunctionalize and revitalize the building in order to turn it into a culture house. In the hopes that the house can once again serve te surrounding community. Once the hous has been rebuilt the exhibition will be put up there. The artists taking part in the exhibition have all been inspired by this remarkable building in one way or another, whether it's by its formal or historical qualities or by the community and its connection to the mansion.

Artists: Andrada DAMIANOVSKAIA, Ana-Maria Szollosi, Corina Nani, Rebekka Ashley Egillsdóttir, Renée Renard, SAINT MACHINE, Sara Björg Bjarnadóttir, Sorin Scurtulescu

Artist: Samsýning / Group Exhibition

Curators: Odda Júlía Snorradóttir, Alexandru Babusceac


09.03.2024 – 22.03.2024


SÍM Gallery

Hafnarstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


City CenterExhibition

Opening hours:

Mon – sun: 12:00 – 16:00

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