I Soak My Head

Sasha Pirker

Sasha Pirker - Verksmiðjan - 2024

Sasha Pirker illuminates Verksmiðjan with a selection of film installations and site-responsive gestures that span approximately the last ten years of her practice. This body of work not only highlights the artist’s expansive curiosity and investiagative sense, but is also firmly grounded in her background in linguistics. Thinking through language, experimental narration, personal and architectural space and possibility, Sasha’s works reveal a sensitivity to experience, knowledge and understanding. They are sometimes personal or vulnerable, giving the sense that the female lens through which her films become and are is both reflective and unexpected, innovative and encompassing.

Sasha Pirker (b. 1969 in Vienna, Austria) is a visual artist and filmmaker who lives and works in Vienna. She teaches film and art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, since 2006. Her films are distributed by sixpackfilm Vienna and have been screened at over 50 festivals including, Venice Film Festival, Anthology Films Archives NY, Oberhausen, FID Marseille, Cinema du réel Paris, doclisboa Lisbon, Rotterdam, Tokyo, Busan, Melbourne, Fogo Island, Istanbul, Viennale, Kassel, among other. She has run the exhibition space «SIZE MATTERS. Space for Art & Film» in Vienna since 2014, and in collaboration with Dariusz Kowalski since 2022.

Artist: Sasha Pirker

Curator: Becky Forsythe


18.05.2024 – 21.07.2024


The Factory in Hjalteyri

Hjalteyri, Hörgársveit, 604 Akureyri, Iceland



Opening hours:

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