INTO Festival


NTO is an international festival of creative people hosted by Alþýðuhúsið in Siglufjörður, the recipient of the 2023 Eyrarrósin award. A diverse group of artists will join the festivities, with an open mind and a sincere longing to be influenced by each other and the locals.

INTO is curated by Aðalheiður S. Eysteinsdóttir (IS) and Will Owen (US) who have jointly curated events in Denmark and Iceland, in collaboration with Aros museum in Denmark and local teams. INTO was first held in Assedrup in 2023 and the 2025 edition is expected to take place in New York.

Siglufjörður will be throbbing with creative energy throughout the festival which features visual art exhibitions, performances, outdoor art, concerts and poetry. Events take place at Alþýðuhúsið and at other locations in the town, both indoors and outside. Admission is free.


Curators: Aðalheiður S. Eysteinsdóttir, Will Owen


07.06.2024 – 09.06.2024


Kompan Gallery Alþýðuhúsið Art and Culture

Þormóðsgata 13, 580 Siglufjörður, Iceland


NorthReykjavik Arts Festival

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Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, Shoplifter, chromo
Dozie, Precious
Perpetual Motion
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