Moving Hands, Weaving Futures

Samsýning / Group Exhibition

Verksmiðjan - Hendur á hreyfingu - 2024

Across generations, skills, and nations, the artists of Moving Hands, Weaving Futures have found inspiration in the ocean, nature’s sustainability potential, and notions of craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship is the level of skill shown by someone in making something with their hands. The work itself comes to exemplify the essence of the material, the importance of nature as inspiration, and the value of simplicity, utility, and beauty. In craft’s repetitiveness, the hand and mind can never wander too far from each other. When hand, mind and movement meet, the creation emerges, bringing physicality and flow back into our consciousness and everyday lives, while reminding us of lost ways of life.

Particularly linked to maritime life, sailmakers, blacksmiths, ropemakers, netweavers, and compass makers are all craft masters. Thus, with its narrating architecture and handcrafted construction, the old fish factory forms the optimal backdrop of this year’s theme. Not only do the artworks evoke beauty and tell stories, but they provide an opportunity to slow down and highlight the creative journey. Therefore, craftsmanship, the work of one’s hands and know-how of the past and present might serve as anchors for well being, psychological renewal and healing futures.


Jonna Jónborg Sigurðardóttir (IS), Kadri Liis Rääk (EST), Karni & Saul (UK), Kathy Clark (US/IS), Katrín Þorvaldsdóttir (IS), Laurita Siles (Basque Country) with Elías Knörr (IS) and Edurne González Ibáñez (Basque Country), Nikki Ummel (US), Penelope Payne (UK), Raimonda Sereikaitė - Kiziria (LI/IS), Wanxin Qu (CH).

Picture: Under the Surface, 2024 by Jonna Jónborg Sigurðardóttir

Photo: Sina Opalka 

Artist: Samsýning / Group Exhibition

Curator: Emilie Dalum


01.06.2024 – 20.09.2024


The Factory in Djúpavík

Djúpuvík, 524 Árneshreppur, Iceland


WestExhibitionFree Entry

Opening hours:

Jun-Sep. Daily: 10 – 18

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