Opening and concert: Irresistible - at 17:00

Suting Han, Danni Zheng

Irresistible - Samband íslenskra myndlistarmanna SÍM.png

"Irresistible" is a groundbreaking composition specifically created for solo violoncello and live electronics, interwoven with captivating real-time interactive visuals. The concert's primary objective is to delve deep into the wondrous sounds and landscapes that Mother Nature is known for while embracing the expression of poetic emotions.

As the title suggests, "Irresistible" serves as a melodic homage, paying homage to the awe-inspiring beauty found within the natural world. Through its evocative melodies and harmonious arrangements, this concert invites listeners to immerse themselves in the grandeur and allure of nature's captivating marvels.

The solo violoncello takes center stage, guided seamlessly by the live electronics, which enhance the instrument's organic sounds, enveloping the audience in a soundscape that beautifully blends tradition with innovation. This unique synergy creates a mesmerizing interplay, enriching the sonic experience.

Adding an additional layer to the performance, real-time interactive visuals will be projected onto fabrics, reflecting the relationship between the site, music, and the environment, then will provide a multi-sensory experience to the audiences.

Join us for an evening filled with breathtaking melodies as we embark on a journey that celebrates the universal language of music.

The audiovisual concert and exhibition consist of sound, videos, and fabrics.

Composer: Suting Han

New Media Artist: Danni Zheng

Cello: Xiaodi Zhao

Exhibition opening events on Thursday 25 Jan 2024 at 5pm – 8pm.

The exhibition runs until 28 Jan 2024.

Audiovisual Concert:

5.40pm - 6 pm 25 Jan 2024

6.20pm - 6.40pm 25 Jan 2024

Exhibition Opening Hours:

5pm - 8pm 25 Jan 2024

12pm - 6pm 26 Jan 2024

2pm - 6pm 27 Jan 2024

2pm - 6pm 28 Jan 2024

Artists: Suting Han, Danni Zheng




SÍM Gallery

Hafnarstræti 16, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


City CenterEventGood Thursday

Opening hours:

Mon – sun: 12:00 – 16:00

Good Thursday

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