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The deadline for the first application round in 2023 is at 16.00 on Monday February 20.

The role of the fund is to award project grants in the field of visual arts and art research.

The Visual Arts Fund awards grants up to ISK 3,000,000, and the minimum amount is no less than ISK 300,000. The Fund covers up to 70% of the estimated total cost of a project, and hence applicants must cover 30%.

Grants are awarded in the following categories:

  • Preparatory grant: awarded for the preparation and development of major projects for which an application can later be made for implementation funding.
  • Exhibition grant: for exhibition projects, an event which takes place in a limited period, with a defined start and finish.
  • Publication, research, or other projects grant: awarded for research on the work of Icelandic artists and for publication of writings about Icelandic art history and the work of Icelandic artists, in addition to other public projects not included in the previous categories.

If the project is an exhibition series or group exhibition the council advises organisers to hand in one application for the project as a whole rather than applications from individual participants. In cases where participants choose to send in individual applications covering their contribution it is advised not to also send in an application for the whole project.

In the application a detailed description of the project, background information about the participants, time plan, budget and financing arrangement is requested.

Please note that the fund supports the following cost: fees for consultants and technicians, material and equipment cost, web, and media promotion, cataloguing and photographing, design and layout, printing and other items related to production. The fund does not support travel, artists’ fees, operational cost for facilities or studio rent, or hospitality.

If an applicant has previously been awarded a grant from the Visual Arts Fund, a final report for that grant must have been received before a new application is considered.

Instructions regarding application creation, delegation rules, form for final report can be found on the fund website.

The result is announced in March.

Application form:

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The Visual Arts Fund operates in accordance with the Visual Art law 2012 nr. 64:

If questions arise when completing the application form, contact the Icelandic Art Center office, telephone 562 7262, or email:

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