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Vala Sigþrúður Jónsdóttir, Silja Jónsdóttir

Associate Gallery loka 2024

The exhibition brings together the sisters' observations of tension, movement and warping of various materials, including woolen threads and seed pods. The exhibition is open Saturdays 2–5 pm and by appointment, until July 14.

Silja Jónsdóttir (she/her) makes installations and sculptures but text is also an important factor in the process of the pieces and their frame. The pieces ask questions without searching for an answer. They are reflections on movement, transformation, touch – a playful interaction with language and material. She seeks out the poetry hidden in plain sight and explores it in her work. She often uses materials that react to their environment that ask the viewer to be aware of their bodies in the space while they let their minds wander. Silja graduated from Fine Arts at the Icelandic University of the Arts in 2022.

Vala Sigþrúðar Jónsdóttir (she) lives and practices art in Reykjavík. She produces installations and sculptures that deal with the materiality of textiles and video, and the relationship these two mediums have with human environments and systems. Qualities of light, energy and tension between/of things are actors in her works, and she tends to engage with materials that relate to excess in one way or another. In her art, she seeks to inspect how we tell stories of nature through various mediums and tells her own, with consequences. Vala graduated with a BA from Gerrit Rietveld in 2018.

Artists: Vala Sigþrúður Jónsdóttir, Silja Jónsdóttir


15.06.2024 – 14.07.2024


Associate Gallery

Köllunarklettsvegur 4, 104 Reykjavík, Iceland


Capital AreaExhibitionFree Entry

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