Forest and sea

María Sjöfn, Sabine A. Fischer

Skógur og sjór grafíksalurinn

In this exhibition, María Sjöfn and Sabine meet each other in their current areas of interest. The forest and the sea embody the longing for merely being present with the senses. The forest and the sea however, are also subject to human exploitation. The sensual and the humanly constructed attempt to coexist in these artworks in order to uphold the idea of a resolution to the human/nature dilemma.

María Sjöfn’s artistic practice explores forms of natural phenomena and the nature of relationships between human and non human life. Her works often take the shape of installations, sculptural interventions, video, and drawing.

Her working process begins with experimentation focusing on multifaceted perceptions of the environment, and in particular the inner and outer contexts of space and matter. She critically investigates the layered relations of the human being with its environment. When those layers are examined in a new context, visual language can create a new perspective on the matter.

María Sjöfn holds a M.A. in Fine Art from the Iceland University of the Arts (2020) and an M.A.dipl. in Art Education (2014) from Iceland University of the Arts.

With her artworks, Sabine A. Fischer pursues a process of restoring traces of origins. She translates materials and subjects that have become invisible and forgotten due to value systems and the fast pace of life into a visual language that attempts to restore the relationship to nature and the present. She constantly tries to challenge the perception of reality by exploring the boundary between reality and fiction in order to recover a new experience from there.

Sabine creates works based on an experimental and intuitive approach, combining her own experiences, questions and thoughts with the materials. Her works emerge as sculptures, installations, happenings, interventions, prints, sound and video works.

Sabine holds an MfA from the Iceland University of the Arts (2020), a postgraduate degree in Art Education (2019) and a Diploma in Fine Arts (2012) from the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig (Germany) and a B.A. in Modern and Contemporary History from the Technical University of Karlsruhe (Germany).

Artists: María Sjöfn, Sabine A. Fischer


01.06.2024 – 08.06.2024


IPA Gallery

Tryggvagata 17, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


City CenterExhibitionFree Entry

Opening hours:

Thursday14:00 - 17:00
Friday14:00 - 17:00
Saturday14:00 - 17:00
Sunday14:00 - 17:00

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