Potentially garden

Agnes Ársælsdóttir

Hugsanlegur Garður Agnes Ársælsdóttor

Garden walls form a circle around a cell, and demarcate it like under a microscope. The organs are turned to stone and enlarged so they're better observed. Between them lie red spheres, full of seeds, which guests can pick up and throw elsewhere. It’s forbidden to keep track of the sphere after it has been let go. It could sprout and grow into decoration or fodder, live a perennial life, or sink and merge with the soil.In the exhibition, Potentially Garden, the graphic representation of the plant cell becomes a place to wonder about the cultural role of plants and our expectations of vegetation in the current climate. Seedbombs will be offered and people are encouraged to disperse randomly in the city landscape.

The exhibition opens with a performance at 16 o’clock on the 11th of May.

Seedbomb workshop for all ages will be held on the 8th of June between 14:00 and 16:00.

Artist: Agnes Ársælsdóttir


11.05.2024 – 09.06.2024


Reykjavík Association of Sculptors- The Sculpture Garden

Nýlendugata 17a, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland


City CenterExhibitionFree Entry

Opening hours:

Always open

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