SÍM Residency – Korpúlfsstaðir

SÍM Residency – Korpúlfsstaðir

SÍM Residency is an international residency for visual artists located in Reykjavík, Iceland. It is run by SÍM – Samband íslenskra myndlistarmanna or The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists. The SÍM Residency seeks to promote an environment of reflection, research, study and play by providing artists with a working environment that supports the artistic process.

SÍM offers two different residency locations in the Reykjavik area – Seljavegur in downtown Reykjavik and Korpúlfsstaðir set in an idyllic location on the edge of town. The different settings allow us to cater to each artist’s requirements, allowing them to choose their location, regarding their needs and projects.

Korpúlfsstaðir residency

The house was built between 1925-30 and was formerly one of the biggest dairy farms in Iceland. Today Korpúlfsstaðir is surrounded by one of Reykjavík's popular golf courses and houses approximately 40 studios for SÍM artists, as well as a textile workshop, SÍM´s meeting room, and SÍM Barn exhibition space. 

Close by are city bus stops nr 6 and nr 7, supermarkets, small restaurants, a café, a pharmacy, City Reykjavik library and the culture house,  a hardware store, swimming pools, and a cinema. Korpúlfsstaðir houses 40 studios for SÍM artists, as well as a textile workshop. The workshops are not included in the residency fee, but access can be arranged with their curators.  

Number of Residents: 7/8.

Guest-friendly: The residency program focuses on gathering only artists for the residency program. As an accommodation, visiting guests can use .


All mediums of visual arts (painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, drawing, illustration, mixed techniques, sound art, installations, comic strips, performance, textile arts or any other form of related expression). Curators and art writers for research-based projects also welcome. 

Studio type:

Studio type: 4 single bedroom/studios, 2 single bedrooms with separate studios. A shared project studio space is also available.


Korpúlfsstaðir residency apartment is built of privet bedroom studios, where artists live and work in the same room. Rooms 1-2 offers a single bedroom and a private studio spaces. All the rest artists in need of a larger working space can use Project space on the rooftop. SÍM Residency offers various  of SÍM´s umbrella association or individual workshops. All artists are responsible for bringing or using workshop tools, and equipment for project needs.


Open calls twice a year. December for residency period July - December.

June for residency period January - June.


 1 - 3 months.


Korpúlfsstaðir, 112 Reykjavík, Iceland


Residency fee

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