Sequences IX: Really

Sequences 2019 was celebrated widely throughout Reykjavík, with exhibition venues including the Living Art Museum and Kling & Bang, both housed in the Marshall House in Grandi, Ásmundarsalur, Harbinger, Open and Bíó Paradís.

The subtitle of Sequences, real-time art festival, points to the festival’s original focus on time-based mediums and live artworks. This year the concept of real-time has been disrupted and the relativity of the concepts real and time are explored. Audience members will have an opportunity to become acquainted with realities and multiple points of view that may reflect upon the times we are currently experiencing. Ingólfur and Hildigunnur approach this idea through questions on reality and alternative realities, real time and relative time through a juxtaposition of multiple works.

 “Time is momentarily real to every resident in it. The real-time travels through countless channels that each revolve around each person that resides in it. It is healthy for everyone to dip their toes into others' time channel, and thereby gain a new perspective on reality.”

Curators: Hildigunnur Birgisdóttir and Ingólfur Arnarsson

Honorary artist: Kristinn G. Harðarson

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