Sequences VI

Sequences real time art festival is launched for the sixth time.

The selection of the honorary artist, Gretar Reynisson, reflects the focus of Sequences VI. He shares his experiences of everyday life, where he deals with the passing moment in a special way. The works by other artists selected for the festival fluctuate between the collective and general and the personal and unique. They provide insight into the different ways in which we cope with time and take control of our own lives. In the midst of humdrum repetition, however, moments both significant and trivial may sidetrack our plans and life can take a new direction.

The exhibition venues are in the city centre with the aim that the audience will enjoy each work in close proximity, in intimate and singular settings. Artists and exhibition spaces have been invited to organize independent events in tandem with the Main Programme, all of which are listed in the Off Venue Programme.

Curator: Markús Þór Andrésson Honorary artist: Grétar Reynisson

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Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, Shoplifter, chromo
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