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The Corridor is an artist-run exhibition space founded by artist Helgi Þorgils Friðjónsson in 1979, and it is probably Iceland’s longest-running privately-operated gallery. The Corridor has always been housed in Helgi Þorgils‘  home; the gallery‘s first exhibition,  For the Time Being by Hreinn Friðfinnsson early in 1980, was held at Laufásvegur 79. The Corridor moved on to Mávahlíð 24, then Freyjugata 32 and Rekagrandi 8. It is now located at Brautarholt 8; in 2017–18 the Corridor had a branch at Kárastígur 9 in Hofsós, north Iceland, when Helgi spent a year there with his family.

Helgi‘s principal objective in founding an exhibition space in his home was to present the work of contemporary artists from other countries in Iceland; at that time there was little opportunity to see international contemporary art in Iceland. Helgi had previously been involved in the foundation and operation of a number of exhibition spaces, such as Gallery Output, founded in 1975 with Þór Vigfússon, Gallery Suðurgata 7Gallery Lóa in Haarlem, Netherlands, and Gallery Vísir in the Vísir newspaper, all founded in 1976, and the Living Art Museum, 1978. 


Brautarholt 8, 105 Reykjavík



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Open by appointment. See website.

Good Thursday open 17:00 - 19:00

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