Evaluation process and criteria

Assessment committee

An assessment committee evaluates the quality of the projects and the eligibility of the applicants with regard to the projects value for Icelandic visual arts, both in Iceland and abroad, and makes recommendations for the grant amount.

Not all projects that meet the minimum criteria of the Visual Arts Council will be automatically allocated funding, and the number and size of grants will depend on the Fund’s budget and the quality and number of applications.

Applicants may not contact Visual Arts Council representatives or the assessment committee about an application during the assessment process. All questions and communication should be directed to the Icelandic Art Center. Violation of this may result in an application being rejected.

Evaluation criteria

Evaluation of applications is based on the following considerations, as applicable:

  • the artistic value and importance of the project, ratio value 60%
  • career, professional and/or artistic background of the applicant and other participants, ratio value 20%
  • that the applicant succeeds in achieving the goals the project aims at and the financial basis of the project and/or whether the applicant has received other grants, ratio value 20%


The Visual Arts Council allocates grants from the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund after receiving recommendations from the assessment committee. For each allocation, a new committee is appointed by art professionals. Everyone involved in the processing and evaluation of grant applications to the Visual Arts Fund is bound by confidentiality. The Fund follows normal rules on disqualification.

The result is announced to applicants by email and published on the Fund’s website.

Allocations from the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund are final at the administrative level and are not subject to appeal to the Minister. Also, in accordance with Article 21, paragraph 2, section 3 of the Administrative Procedures Act, no. 37/1993, a public authority is not required to provide justification with respect to allocation of grants in the field of art, culture or science.

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