Type of grants

The Icelandic Visual Arts Fund provides three types of grants:

Preparatory grants are awarded for the preparation and development of major projects for which an application can later be made for implementation funding.

Exhibition grants for exhibition projects.

Publication grants, research grants, and other grants are awarded for research on the work of Icelandic artists and publication of writings about Icelandic art history and the work of Icelandic artists, in addition to other public projects not included in the previous categories.

The Visual Arts Council is likewise authorised to support other activities to promote the Icelandic art scene, including research projects within the scope of the Fund and dissemination of information about them as well as international projects in which recognised artists from the Icelandic visual arts scene are participants.

Please note:

The Fund does not award travel grants.

Galleries and venues cannot apply to the Fund for artists’ fees or salaries.

Artists cannot apply to the Fund for their own salaries. Instead they should apply to the Artists’ Salary Fund, at the Icelandic Centre of Research – Rannís.

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