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These guidelines are intended to give practical advice on the preparation of applications, to improve applicants’ competence in the grant application, and to reduce the number of applications that do not fulfill the Visual Arts Fund’s criteria and rules.

Before starting the application process it is advisable to read over the questions and map out the requested information.

A preview of the application form can be viewed here.

Applicants are advised to write longer texts in a word processing application and collect all attachments together before starting the application.

Profile information

Individual applicants enter details about themselves and their contacts.

If an application is on behalf of a group/organisation/association, basic information about them must be entered, together with the contact person’s details.


A CV can be submitted as a pdf or a link to an online document.

Project name

This must accurately reflect the main content of the project, i.e. exhibition, publication or research etc.

Type of grants

Applicants can apply for preparatory grants, exhibition grants or publication grants, research grants and other grants. See further information above.

Project summary

A 50-word (or less) description of the project, which the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund may use to promote the project.

Project details

Simple, clear and concise text about the project, maximum 500 words. Describe its purpose, relevance and context. State clearly which part of the project the grant is being applied for.

Project date

Start and end of the project. Grants are not awarded to projects that end before the application deadline, but a project may be in development for up to two years.

Project timeplan

Provide a timeframe for the project, stating how and when it will be executed. Where possible, divide the schedule into preparation, implementation and follow-up, and state the main steps within each stage.


State all artists who will participate in the project and all other partners, such as curators, publishers, consultants, organisations and businesses. The application must be accompanied by a letter of invitation or confirmation from the partners if the project is an exhibition or residency programme.


Amounts must be stated in numerals and Icelandic krónur (ISK).

Use 0 (zero) if an item is not relevant.

It is possible to upload a budget in the section accompanying documents.

Cost items (eligible for grant)

When making a budget, it is important that it addresses the total cost of the project and how it will be funded – in full and completely. The plan must clearly state which cost items are included in the application to the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund.

Please note that the fund supports the following cost: fees for consultants and technicians, material and equipment cost, web and media promotion, cataloguing and photographing, design and layout, printing and other items related to production.

Examples of project cost items are: various services, printing costs, transportation costs, promotional materials, material costs, installation work, equipment rental and unforeseen costs (often 10% of the total project cost).

Which of the cost items are you applying for?

Please state which of the eligible cost items are applied for

Cost items (ineligible for grant)

The fund does not support travel, operational cost for facilities or studio rent, or hospitality.

Artists cannot apply to the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund for their own salaries. Instead they should apply to the Artists’ Salary Fund, at the Icelandic Centre of Research – Rannís.

Galleries and venues cannot apply to the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund for artists’ fees or salaries.


Icelandic Visual Arts Fund grants are awarded for up to ISK 3,000,000, and the minimum amount is ISK 300,000.

Icelandic Visual Arts Fund awards up to 70% of the total cost of a project, both eligible and ineligible cost. Hence it must be stated how the remaining 30% amount will be financed.

Examples of project income are: other grants, publication sales, sales of works, ticket sales and own contributions from applicants and partners (in the form of funding, expertise, facilities etc.).

If relevant, state other grants applied for by the applicant, for this project

If an application is made to a fund other than the Icelandic Visual Arts Fund, for a grant or contribution to the project, this must be stated in the application, even if that application is still in process.

State other grants the applicant has received in the last five years

Applicants must state previous grants they have received in the past five years, including year of grant awarded and amount.

Confirmation, letter or accompanying documents

Letter of invitation or confirmation, contracts or other documents in support of the project.

Create a zip file if there are multiple files. Up to 10 MB of data may be submitted, in JPEG, PNG and PDF format.

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